Monday, July 6, 2009

Last few months in photos:

Hello everyone! I've been extremely behind getting anything updated and posted on Ava's blog....we've had so many birthday parties and celebrations these past few months, Ava said to me yesterday morning "Happy Birthday" from her crib. I think she's a little confused, since we've had a sort of Birthday/holiday bonanza since her birthday in May. Next came Mother's Day, then GG's birthday, then Father's Day, then Namy's birthday and then Daddys Birthday along with 4th of July! So many parties! She certainly has learned how to blow out birthday candles....even Namy's trick candles, and loves to open everyone elses presents!

Just a few of Ava's new sayings..."Cool", "I'm so happy" (usually said enthusiastically when we let her watch Dora or have a snack) "Peace out" and "Mama Mia". Speaking of Mama Mia, we're gonna have to get her enrolled in some dance classes soon. The girl gives new meaning to "Dance like nobody's watching!" I just don't want to start too soon and then get "kicked out" of dance class like Ava's friend Addie. Ava's might not quite be ready for structured instruction...she's still in the freestyle mode and doing quite well!

Enjoy the pictures!

A month of Celebrations!

Ava has definately learned how to sing "Happy Birthday" these last few months! Here's a few pics of her at each birthday celebration...

Lynne's birthday cool-pool party!

First DBacks game!

Thanks Namy & PaPa for the GREAT seats at my first D Backs game. I was a little more interested in the game room, but soon I'll enjoy actually watching the game!

Ava's first professional Annie Garrett shoot!

Here's a few of our favorites from Ava's 2 year pictures. God bless the child photographers as they have to have patience of a Saint!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava!

Here are a few pictures of Ava's Birthday party at Chuparosa Park! All the kids loved the splash pad and had so much fun running through the water and then snuggling with Alyson to get warm! I can't believe my baby is 2 already....wasn't she just a baby yesterday? Now she's asking for bandaids, ABC medicine (for imaginary boo-boo's) & struts with her Dora backpack and sandals. All I can say is that I have loved every stage of baby-hood and now toddler-hood so far! Don't grow up too fast Ava!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nebraska Gma and Gpa visit!

In honor of Ava's upcoming 2nd birthday and last opportunity for her last plane for free, we visited G'ma and G'pa in Nebraska! We got to celebrate my mom's birthday, play on the equipment at Dryden park (my childhood park), go on lots of walks around the "neighborhood", wear G'ma's many gold watches around our ankles, pick asparagus on the asparagus farm, and hang out with G'ma and G'pa! It was good to be home again and I know Ava loved being on the G'pa's farm!